“Everything you need to know how MeeTheLocal works”

  • What is MeeTheLocal?

MeeTheLocal is a mobile app that allows non-local people to find a local person who can become your assistant.

  • How does it work?

You create a profile that stays always with you. You put there your picture, name, age, languages that you speak and short description. Whenever you turn on the app you decide if you would like to be a local person or non-local person. Locals see only non-locals and vice versa, sorted by the distance, so the person on the top is the closest to you. Non-locals who look for help can also add the description of help they need, for example „I look for someone who can help me open a bank account”. Locals who feel like they can help reply to you giving the price they would like to charge for help.

  • Can locals help for free?

Of course they can! They decide how much they would like to charge for help.

  • What sort of help can I look for?

Any help. It can be help in opening bank account, filling documents in public office, translating something, showing you around your neighbourhood. Help in whatever problem you thing local person can solve.

  • Who can become a local person (helper)?

Anyone! If you know a foreign language, you like to meet new people, you know some practical things about the city where you live and you would like to earn some money join us! If you don’t know any foreign language you are also welcome. Maybe someone will know your language or someone from your country will need help?

  • Who can become a non-local person (in need of help)?

Anyone who needs a local person to solve their problem!

  • Why should I use MeeTheLocal?

You will have less stress, you will save time and possibly money! Local people can show you a lot of practical tips and tricks that will later allow yo to save money. And you will meet new local people, thanks to who you will get to know your new country much better!

  • Can I earn money on MeeTheLocal?

Of course you can. That is the main defference between MeeTheLocal and offering help on Facebook or other platforms. Here you can offer your personal assistance in exchange for money.

  • What language do I need to speak?

Any language can be useful! You never know who will need help!

  • I look for help. How can I know that the person I am contacting is trustworthy?

After every meeting you rate the person and write opinion. If you want trustworthy people, try to choose among those with highest rates.

  • I need help righ now. What can I do?

You can buy our premium subscription that will allow you to use alert. When you need help right now, you click the buton and everyone in the radious of 5 km gets a push message on their phones.

  • I need help in a different location. What can I do?

You can buy our premium subscription that will allow you to change your location. For example, you can be located in Paris, but you look for an assistant in New York.